Coulson Unical Deploys CH-47D in South America to Fight Bolivian Fires

In the wake of the Amazon fires, the CoulsonUnical joint venture was fortunate enough to participate in the firefighting with the approval and support from the Bolivian government.
The journey for our CH47 299 to get to its final destination in the Amazon has been long and tenuous. 

The Coulson Unical CH-47D, N47CU, was loaded onto the Antonov after a long night and morning of teardown. To fit in the airplane the blades, both the forward and rear drivetrain, and the rear pylon needed to be removed. This is a huge task to accomplish in such a short time but the team came through and will get some well deserved rest on the flight down.

This is a tremendous first for Unical — not only participating in fire fighting operations, but doing so as part of one of the biggest and most impactful fires in the world. This would not be possible without the dozens of Unical and CoulsonUnical members of this team.

Mel Ceccanti
Gary Authur
Andy Thomas
Ryan O’herron
Juerg Abplanalp

Darren Davies
Ron Dodd
Preston Storey
John Fryer
John Thorsteinsson
Peter Nielly

Jake Tucker
Matt Cole
Dan Hyke
Marty McKnight 
Abby Moore
Brady Balliant
Mickey Labelle 
Nick Gardner

Mike Seniuk
Tyler Jackson
Steve Pridgeon
Jared Hicks
James Loeppky
Kevin Lackey
Ryan Girling
Mike Buitendyk
Jim Clifford
Trevor Ladret

Jason Richards
Austin Minter
Weny Domingo
Brice Perciful
John Domingo
Andy Herrera
William Estrada
Sterling Burnside
Ignacio Bernardino

Heidi Herrera
Stephanie Ulloa
Ivette Diaz
Raul Suarez
Justin Rosal
John Castillo
Andrew Puga
Angel Orozco
Jared Hernandez
Juan Topete
Kevin Chau
Michael Dane
Matthew DiVenere
Jose Barragan
Jose Silva

Britt Coulson
James Chu
Paul Bretado
Paul Romero

James Nguyen
Sabrina Tseng
Yenty Lie

Foster Coulson
Loi Huynh

Bob Dana